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Flackery Summer 2022

Customer relationships, hiring your first employee & more!

Toying with the idea of paying your startup employees with equity?
We know it's tempting to try to save a little money by offering early employees equity in lieu of a regular paycheck, but don't do it until you read How to Avoid Costly Mistakes: 3 Important Facts About Paying Founders In Equity. 

Make your customer relationships sizzle with the summer issue of Flackery!

Do you struggle with sales? Wish you could get more referrals? Or maybe you just need a little help creating a customer relationship strategy?

The summer issue of Flackery has the tools and resources you need to boost your bottom line and build strong customer relationships that result in referrals and repeat sales. 

Are you looking for a handy manual for how to position your business as the go-to solution for your target market? Take a look at Lisa J. Jackson's review of Be the Go-To: How to Own Your Competitive Market, Charge More, and Have Customers Love You for It.

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